last blog entry

this is my last blog entry and i am so sad that it had to end. i had way too much fun typing the two hundred words in every blog that i wrote. i will never forget the memories this blog and I had. he was such a good friend to me. i am so tired i dont know how im awake right now. i should be in bed. i have to pick out my clothes for tomorrow now though. i dont really want to but its the last day so i might as well. i have a math final to take tomorrow at 7:30 in the morning tomorrow. im so excited! just kidding i really dont want to take it, I wish i just got it over with and didnt even have to take it. i think finals are a waste of everyones time and energy( and sanity.) well looks like im almost finished up on this blog post or entry im not sure of the name. i am on summer break in less than a day and i couldnt be any happier, i dont ever want to graduate from highschool. i want to be a kid forever.


fun is such a sick band. the lead singer is such a cool looking dude. he dresses so dapper; i love it. i want to live in boston, make music, and run a corner coffee shop. that is my goal in life. and wear slick clothes and be super hip. Nate Ruess’ voice is so perfect. he can hit any pitch. he has a fairly high pitched voice, but his melodies are the definiton of perfect. i cant wait for summer. im so pumped, its gonna be great. so many memories will go down. so many fish will be caught. so much time will be spent on the lake. im super excited if you can tell. im listening to carry on by fun.. Yes i realized i put to periods but the band name fun. has a period at the end so it was techincally correct grammar. im really close to finishing this blog. i have one more after this. then im done with blogging forever. the whole house fan just turned on. it cools of my house by a very cool and interesting process.

no idea

music is good. life is good. people are good. im so bored right now oh my god. i dont even want to go to school tomorrow its such a waste. there is no point because first off; we dont learn anything and secondly, nobody wants to be there. its such a joke. i ride bikes. i have a commencal dirt jumper 2009 model. its pretty cool i dont really ride it anymore. i think im going to sell it, yeah im gonna sell it. i dont want to ride it anymore its not that fun. i dont have the patience for it. i want to buy a new wakeboard witht the money i can get for my bike. that would be rad. i rode the board i want today and i love it. its such a smooth ride. i want closed toed bindings to so hopefully that happens. im pretty psyched about it. well i have two more blogs after this one to finish so its pretty cool. this is my last assignment to do for the rest of my frehsman year!


sleeep is a crazy thing to think about. people do it every night and it is normal. max is chewing gum very loud and annoying. im going to hit him in the face with my hand. He just left, as he walked out of the door. it was funny. im really bored and bad at writing blogs. i wish i already had 20 of them so i could be done. i have no idea what to write about anymore. this blog site is very nifty. many good resources on them. this site lets you add or create posts and delete or edit them too! its so cool. also it has themes if you pay money, but no one does because they do not care about it. i wish i had two hundred words already but i dont. oh my gosh, cant i just be done already. im pretty close to two hundred words i guess. hopefully i can finish soon. i really want to sleep but i cant yet. well this blog is over.


max is my friend. he is chewing gum right now. i just gave him a haircut. it is really good. i went wakeboarding today and it was sweet. i had a really fun time. i want to go back out mac is watching a video of him wake surfing and its pretty funny. now he is looking at pictures and talking to me. but i hate him. he is a loser. Now he is looking at pictures of the fish i’ve caught. now hes asking me if i have friends. my board is sitting in front of me. i want to go ride. my dog just ran out of my room because he is not welcome. Now max is watching videos of me wakeboarding. im sitting in bed writing these. now a bowling video is on. my grammar in these is very poor. i had a lot of finals today and they sucked. i dont want to go to school tomorrow. it is a waste of a day. i cant believe that freshman year is over. its crazy to think about.


Lakes are peaceful. I go camping at lake Almanor every year. I can’t wait to go this summer. I’m taking Colton this year. We are just gonna wakeboard and fish all the time. Wake up; go boarding and fishing for the whole day. I’m gonna spend all day on the water. I’m super stoked to go. Today is wednesday. The day after tuesday. The day before Thursday. I want to go fishing and spend time in the outdoors. I want to go to PLA and get some clothes. School almost out. I have two finals left and I don’t want to take them. Only two more days left of school!! I can’t wait for summer break. I have no idea what to write about. I’m wearing red shoes with black socks. Watching a movies, is what I’m doing right now. It is a funny movie. It is called the dictator. It is very funny. It is the same character and Borat and Bruno.


We start as babies and then learn to walk and talk. We watch what is all around us and learn to grow up. Then we reach childhood and go to kindergarten. After that its first grade and so on.. Next is middle school. Middle school is an awkward stage for everyone. Teachers try to get us ready for high school. The do a terrible job. They have no idea what it’s like and they do an awful job “preparing us”. They have crazy strict rules and no room for error. It is dumb and I don’t agree with it. Then in high school everything changes. Teacher are looser with their standards and let you be more free. Then you graduate and usually people move away and go to college and learn a trade and take up that profession. And them marriage and adulthood is in full swing, and you are an adult. Then you reach the milestone of the age 50 and slowly get older and older until you retire and do pretty much whatever you want for the rest of your life


Now I’m watching tv. There is a tv show on called loiter squad with Tyler, the creator. Him and his friends made a tv show. They are the funniest dudes ever. Everything they do is funny. Even if they don’t try it is funny. On the show they play a bunch of clips that they make themselves. The show is directed by Wolf Haley. Aka: Tyler, the creator. That’s his director name. The guy is a genius in every aspect. He’s extremely smart, and uses it to his advantage against people. He is so funny and talented in his music. He is so wild and crazy, he does what he wants. He just came out with an album named Wolf. I bought it and it was awesome. It was such a genius album. He has so much talent in his work. He isn’t even 21 yet but is rich and happy and doing what he loves. So I say he is living a great life


Movies are abundant in today’s culture. There is a movie on any subject you can think of, From serial killers to kids movies based on Dr. Seuss books. Movies allow filmmakers to unleash their full potential and genius. Many filmmakers can’t describe their feelings so it shows in their creativity in their movies. My favorite movie is Benchwarmers. It is a comedy movie about three guys who form a baseball team named the Benchwarmers because they were nerds growing up. Except, one guy while growing up was a bully towards a kid. He keeps it a secret until they go to his hometown to play a game and the truth comes out. His fellow teammates are astonished and angry towards him. They don’t talk to him for a while, until he makes an apology to the kid he bullied and his friends take him back. The movie doesn’t really have a moral, it is just a funny movie for families. I have seen this movie numerous times with my friends. I could probably quote most of the movie.


Finals are a waste of time and kids sanity. They do not test our true knowledge, better yet our ability to cram information the night before and to overwork our brains. I am very opposed to taking the exams. I also do not agree with our education system. The standards are held the same for all kids. That’s like taking a fish, an elephant, and a monkey and grading them on who can climb a tree the fastest. Every student is unique and has different talents than the others. If we all came out the same nothing would be fun and no one would excel. I believe everybody is talented at one thing or another; some people just don’t find theirs. Schools hold all of the students to a standard and not everyone conforms. I admire those people because they are different form the rest. Kids who try so hard to conform and fit in bug me, they need to be themselves.